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おっぱいカフェ~母娘でコスちち~ The Motion Anime

Japanese: おっぱいカフェ~母娘でコスちち~ The Motion Anime

Genre : , , , ,

Studio: Ammolite

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 51 min.

Released on: Oct 31, 2018

Views: 4762 Views

Sinopsis :

“…… Store management is average, rather than bad, it’s not too bad, is this?”

Dad sighs while turning over the book of the family-run coffee shop.

The reason for the decrease in customers is that they have been taking guests since they have made maid cafes recently.

“In other words, our shop must compete and do cosplay”

In the hands of my father who releases it by chance, a cosplay costume ……

Very bare costumes are spreading out to the front of the family.

“Well, for the sake of management efforts, I can not help looking at that kind of thing … … Wow …”

Mother is a type that is natural and does not affect things in a way.

Because I am married to a father who is quite aggressive and has a point where there is not a crazy, 
can we accept such a suggestion of TONDEMO as it is?

“Ah ……, no good, disgusting …… impossible, absolutely impossible … …!”

My face turned red and my head shook his head and my sister Sara moved out of the room.

That’s right …… It’s torture to say that he’s a punishment game for him to wear this shirt and go out to the store.

“… … That’s why, Kazuki. Mother and Sara, I have asked for their best regards.”

Following Sara, father also left the room, so this day it was opened for the day.

And from the next day, Sara had to change to a father’s recommended new costume and go to the shop, just as before.

おっぱいカフェ~母娘でコスちち~ The Motion Anime


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