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まほ☆たまシリーズ スク水編

Japanese: まほ☆たまシリーズ スク水編

Genre : , , , , , ,

Studio: Erogos

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 25 min.

Released on: Feb 24, 2006

Views: 5170 Views

Sinopsis :

Oh no, strangely, when I get up in the morning i meet stranger girls in the bathroom.
If I raise my voice unintentionally, it would be nice to have a childhood friend of the neighbor came around, but if a semi-naked girl is in the bathroom Sure she can not be misunderstood anymore.
However, I do not remember at all. No, there are … …. A few days ago, my father was murmuring something on the phone. What a wizard is like.
Hey, is it a wizard? There is no reason why. Whether the girls themselves witchcrafts or letters from their fathers showed what it did.
Although it should have denied the existence of the wizard as a mystery, she was surprised to see the presence of the wizard, and school was covered with a school swim suit.
Every girl student wears swimwear with a flat face and back and forth, waiting for the train at the station home, walking around the shopping street … ….
That was the dream that Makoto envisioned. And it is not a dream.
It’s a reality! ! Witch is splendid! !
Thus, Makoto was taken in easily and
it jumped into various rare riots that witchcraft was disturbed.

まほ☆たまシリーズ スク水編


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