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Japanese: みずのあおい

Genre : , , , , ,

Studio: Atelier KOB

Type: Series

Status: Ongoing

Duration: 50 min.

Released on: Jun 28, 2015

Views: 7029 Views

Sinopsis :

Aoi Mizuno (age 1X)

Born: August 24
Birth sign: Virgo

Lives: Tokyo
Family: Father, mother, younger sister
Interests: Reading, cooking, movies, stuffed toy collecting
Special Abilities: Ballet, waking up early
Personality: Likeable and friendly, but somewhat introverted

It’s Aoi-chan’s first time on camera.
Enjoy this fresh-faced innocent in a lineup of skimpy outfits as she slowly overcomes
her nervousness and guide her tiny hand into the grownup world of good feelings!
She’s adorably pure-minded and docile.



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