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Type: Series

Status: Completed

Japanese: おもちゃの先生

Genre : , , ,

Studio: Guilty+

Duration: 11 min.

Episodes: 1 Eps

Released on: Feb 2, 2007

Views: 3466 Views

Sinopsis :

Kenzusa Sano who moved to a room of apartment which is the property of my uncle Prologue .
It is a one room, but the room is reasonably wide, and it is perfect that it is 5 minutes on foot to the fixed time high school from tomorrow . Except for one unusual monitor system …
the monitoring system of that room that my uncle used to used.
According to a letter from my uncle, this system

“I am monitoring rooms located in the west of this room”.

Why did you make such a system? Have your uncle’s peeping hobby overwhelmed ? I can not hear anything from my uncle who passed away the other day.
There was only one letter and this room that became my name in the left.

Kensuke who likes machine-messy originally is interested in this monitoring system.
When I switched on, the room of the lady and the image of the wonderland were projected there.
The time is at midnight.
In the bed on one monitor the lord of the room sleeps peacefully.
Well …
how should I use this fun system? In a letter left by my uncle my life, a little hint was written.


Episode List "Omocha no Sensei Nawa Midori" Streaming Online

  • Episode 1 30 December, 2018 Watch Online
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